Mexican Cornbread

It is the week of my birthday. Family members ask me what I want for gifts and my answers are rather ridiculous.

I’d love to custom design my own Wilson glove.

I’d love to hit a ringing double when I step up to the plate on Sunday.

I’d like to eat a few dozen St. George’s donuts and drink a couple liters of Dr Pepper and not have it impact my physique whatsoever.

I’d love a new Royals hat that isn’t permanently sweat-stained and fits “just right” and to play catch with Bo Jackson and Alex Gordon.

I’d love to find a publisher for the Catch 365 book and to connect with Sean Astin to talk about the novella I’ve been working on.

I have been greatly blessed from my family, my friends, and my lot in life. To celebrate my birthday, I want to pass along a gift to anyone who wants it.

My favorite meal is Mexican Cornbread. I don’t remember when I first tried it. I last ate it about two weeks ago. It is fantastic with, of course, a Dr Pepper, fruit salad on the side, and Andy’s chocolate custard for dessert.

Happy birthday!