Summer has been full of life and adventure and the typical craziness summers are known for. Ice cream and pineapple whip and movies and car washes and so many lawn mowings.

One daughter went to Costa Rica on a school trip. She loved it.

The other daughter went to New York City on a trip with her aunt and uncle because she graduated high school. (She also earned her International Baccalaureate diploma. Mucho kudos!) She, too, loved it.

I went as an adult volunteer to youth camp at Logan Valley Christian Retreat. There, I met Steven Bradshaw whose bald head comes in a close second to mine in the perfect pate contest, sang a Rich Mullins song, froze my toes on a rainy day float trip, and ate an exorbitant amount of food. 

Just before camp, while submitting my proposal and waiting not-so-patiently on a contract for the Catch 365 book, I wrote my first novella. I am very horrible at waiting. I am very proud of the novella.  

I’ve continued to meet with Mark on a consistent basis, playing long toss and taking grounders and fly balls. I’ve given him great practice at scooping short hops at first. He’s given me great practice at watching fly balls sail over my head. If I make the cut, it would be fantastic if we found a way to be on the same team.

Over the last month, I’ve made a significant donation to the batting cages at Fun Acre, doing my best not to embarrass myself in front of those one-fourth my age.

Push-ups, pull-ups, and burpees have been helping keep me somewhat in shape. Every day is a new adventure in figuring out which muscles are sore or stiff or just not fully functioning. My admiration for any professional athlete over the age of 40 has grown exponentially.

The six teams of the Grip ‘N’ Rip League officially have names and sponsors:

The Republic Ford Rangers (orange team).

Sumits Hot Yoga Yogis (green team).

A&L Electric Shockers (black and gold team).

Henry’s Towing High Rollers (white team).

Cy Sports Cyclones (red team).

Live Pure Sports Naturals (blue team).

Each team will have 14 players.

Tryouts are in 17 days: Sunday, August 4, from 8 AM – Noon at U.S. Baseball Park in Ozark, Missouri. Rosters will be announced that evening.

My new bat, old cleats, and an older Wilson glove are ready.

I’m hoping to hear that sacred invitation: Play ball!