Donut Mecca

Donuts are my favorite food group, and Springfield is a great place to live if you love a good donut. One of the poems in This is My Springfield pays tribute to the abundance of places who fashion the heavenly pastries. Tyler Heckman, a choral conducting graduate student at Missouri State University, arranged the poem into this brilliant piece which made its debut Saturday night. The original poem is posted, followed by a link to the performance.

Donut Mecca

St. George’s

carefully crafted in

wee morning hours

by donut fairies

two double chocolate

lifelong favorite

Hurts Donut

open 25 hours a day

eight days a week

avoid the October clown

chocolate old fashioned

with key lime icing

or S’mores

Krispy Kreme

melt in your mouth

piping hot glazed

powdered sugar

with chocolate-kreme

chocolate iced

with white-kreme

Dunkin Donuts

Daylight Donuts

Donut Time


It takes a wealth

of donut shops to provide

ample donuts

for all the churches.